soul | \ˈsōl\
the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body and [in many religions] is believed to live forever
maker | \ˈmā-kər\
a person who makes something

Makers can be creators, innovators, motivators, artisans, artists, developers, growers, and thrivers in many forms. Makers are born every day and leave traces of their soul along their journey through their innate drive for creation.

With this platform I hope to stimulate other makers-in-hiding to pursue their craft and bring together likeminded people for open collaboration by sharing personal anecdotes of individual creators. I want to shed light on the lives of passionate doers and special individuals who have inspired me and shaped me in some way.

I am a writer, a teacher, a dancer, a yogi, a dreamer, and a citizen of the world. I love starting my days early and meeting people from different walks of life, especially ones with a unique story to tell. Every story is special in its own way; so why not share it with everyone?

Thank you for visiting. If you felt inspired by a certain maker, share their work with a friend or, better yet, visit their website to see more of their work.

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